The Vision

Northwest Home Funerals & Green Burial recognizes the need for change in our current model of conventional death care practices.  We offer education, support and ministerial services through workshops, seminars and one-on-one consultation that provide a more expansive and holistic approach to end-of-life planning and practices.  Northwest Home Funerals & Green Burial values education as an empowering tool that will support and inspire individuals and communities into a new paradigm of thinking that seeks to embrace a healthy relationship with mortality, our connection to nature, and how we can care, in a profoundly meaningful way, for those who have passed.   

Family-Directed Home Funerals

In 41 out of 50 states families are legally able to represent themselves by caring for their loved ones at home after a death has occurred.  This may include the physical care for the decedent, having a home funeral vigil and signing the death certificate in lieu of a funeral director.  A home funeral vigil is possible, even if the death occurred somewhere other than the home and requires the family to be active in their role and educate themselves on the process.  Families may choose to involve a licensed funeral director for some or all of the duties that support their decision to hold a home funeral vigil.  

It is legal in the State of Washington to care for your loved one who has passed.  The legal authority to do so is found in RCW 68.50.160 Right to control disposition of remains- Liability of funeral establishment or cemetery authority-Liability for cost.  

RCW 70.58.240 Duties of funeral directors, explains the duties involved for a funeral director or person having the right to control the disposition as stated in RCW 68.50.160.  

Green Burials

Green Burial is a method of final disposition in which the body is returned to the earth using natural and sustainable methods, and serves those who value stewardship of natural resources, land conservation and the act of living in partnership with nature.  The green burial movement supports the growing needs of individuals seeking more meaningful deathcare choices that align with their personal values.  By choosing green burial, we recognize that our bodies are full of life-giving potential.  The person is returned to the earth without the use of toxic embalming fluids containing formaldehyde.  Biodegradable caskets or shrouds replace expensive and resource depleting metal or hardwood caskets. Green burial grounds do not use concrete or steel burial vaults (required in most conventional cemeteries).  Local engraved river rock or memorial plantings consisting of native trees, shrubs and or ground cover replace bronze and granite headstones and markers.  Grass which requires chemical treatments, heavy watering and mowing is replaced with landscape design that is compatible with regional ecosystems.  Green burial is supportive of families by offering the opportunity to participate in the burial and ritual process.